Non Show Related Projects

Elizabethan Corset:

This was done as an Honors Augmentation for Theatre History Class. In this project, I built an Elizabethan corset and presented to a group of my peers about the differences of corsets in multiple eras.


Harpy costume for Costume Crafts class.

It is based on the Grecian mythological creature and is made out of foam, Worbla, and thermoplastics. The chest piece is stitched to a nude leotard and the cuffs are grommeted foam. To have the feathers have a natural curling effect, I put a heat gun on them for about fifteen seconds. After this was done and the feathers were attached, either by E6000 or melting the thermoplastic, I airbrushed bronze, gold, and green metallic paint onto them. 

Tailored Jacket

This jacket was made for my Men's Tailoring class. I completely patterned, cut, and stitched the entire jacket. I hand pad stitched the jacket front, and the jacket contains an inside welt pocket and two patch pockets on the outside.

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